Applicable for screen printing of various opaque or transparent soft roll materials,such as OPP ,MYLAR , aluminum foil ,heat trasfer paper,special lable, IMD , Flexible electronic materials etc. 

Features Control system

● Controlled by PLC and ?industrial control computer,equipped touch LED monitor ,all for simple and convenient operation.

Releasing and unrolling system

● Unrolling mechanical with air shafts,insure raw material not slip, convenient for loading and unloading material.

● Automatic feeding function.

● Automatic stop without materials

● Automatic dust and electrostatic collection device.

Orientation system

● Servo motor driving and computer control,insure precise orientation.

● The correcting &adjusting system insure overprinting precision.

Printing system

● Printing process by servo motor drive,ensure printing accuracy.

● Squeegee machinery controlled by constant pressure device for the uniform pressure .

● Squeegee with proof-dropping of ink device,improve printing quality(option).

● Printing table with the function of vacuum adsorption and back-blowing.

● Cylinder conveying system with vacuum adsorption function,and servo motor drive, ensure stable printing.

Collection system

● Equipped with air shafts,ensure raw material not slip, convenient for loading and unloading material.

● Automatic tension control & adjustmnt system, insure the stability to travel material and collection tidy.

Drying system

● UV curing machine or IR drying machine to choose, according to the printing requirement

MAX SIZE300mm*400mm500mm*500mm500mm*700mm600mm*800mm600mm*1200mm
MAXSCREEN SIZE600mm*800mm700mm*900mm800mm*1100mm800mm*1200mm800mm*1600mm
MAX ROLL DIAMETER500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm
MAX ROLL WIDTH300mm400mm500mm600mm*800mm600mm
PRINTING THICKNESS0.017mm-0.25mm0.017mm-0.25mm0.017mm-0.25mm0.017mm-0.25mm0.017mm-0.25mm
ORIENTATION PRECISION0.05-0.10mm0.05-0.10mm0.05-0.10mm0.05-0.10mm0.05-0.10mm
TOTAL POWER380V 50HZ 18KW380V 50HZ 18KW380V 50HZ 18KW380V 50HZ 18KW380V 50HZ 18KW
TOTAL WEIGHT3000KG4000KG5000KG7000KG7000KG
MACHINE SIZE5550*1200*2200mm5850*1200*2200mm6250*1200*2200mm7550*1300*2200mm7550*1300*2200mm

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