Zhejiang Jinbao Screen Printing Machinery Manufacturing "6S standardized management"

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    Print Network HC enterprise management, enterprise from small enterprises to embark on medium-sized enterprises must implement a management style. "6S standardized management" by the Japanese companies 5S management system evolved, modern factories effective site management methods, which not only can improve production efficiency, to ensure product quality, but also to ensure that the working environment clean and orderly, safeguard their safety.

    As an execution of the corporate culture, "6S standardized management" includes finishing (SEIRI), consolidation (SEITON), cleaning (SEISOU), clean (SEIKETSU), literacy (SHITSUKE) (SHITSUKEI), safety (SAFETY) and other 6 entries. 6S executive power is essentially a corporate culture, emphasizing discipline, but also for other management activities provide enterprise quality management platform.

    In order to improve their competitiveness, Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd. From the beginning of June this year, the strict implementation of "6S standardized management." Only time in January, has Poxian results: the coordination between the company not only work more efficiently on smooth, staff motivation has also been greatly improved over the completion of the month automatic screen printing production. It is reported that during this period, the cumulative production of 29 employees automated screen printing machine production line, production capacity is expected to increase by 30% compared with customer service satisfaction is further enhanced.

    For the "6S standardized management" the implementation of fresh leopard employees, agreed that their own development goals clearer, clearer division of labor, also enhanced sense of belonging to the enterprise. Implement 6S standards, not only can enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises fresh leopard, but also for the development of enterprises indicate a clear direction of development; same time, each one employee can give full play to their potential, to provide customers with better products and services; More importantly, fresh leopard companies can enhance the corporate image, brand extension for the fresh leopard more far-reaching significance. More staff expressed the hope that business has always insisted on the implementation of 6S standards for enterprises and their greater breakthroughs.

   May this year chinaprint2013 show, Zhejiang Jinbao site signing 11 sets of automatic screen printing presses. Show pull its weight leopard chairman Mr. Fang Xintong said: the future will be more fresh leopard German company combines cutting-edge printing technology to provide high quality, high stability, high automation screen printer market forward. I believe, "6S standardized management" to promote, bound for fresh leopard goals added impetus.

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