30 th China Screen Printing & Digital Technology Exhibition will be opened in Guangzhou

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    HC screen Special Indian network coverage] The 30th China International Screen Printing and Digital Technology Exhibition will be held September 2 -4 days in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo kicked off. The exhibition by the China Printing Equipment Industries Association of China Screen Printing Industry Association, has been successfully held 29 sessions, is recognized as the industry's most professional screen printing industry, a show, but also has become China has an important impact Force Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging industry special international exhibition, among the world's three largest screen printing exhibition list.

    Combination, innovative models

    Screen printing, textile printing, industrial imaging, digital printing - the same stage

    It is understood that the 30th session of the China Screen Printing Exhibition will further expand the depth of specialized market segments, efforts to expand high-tech screen printing, to the high-precision electronic, touch-screen, circuit boards, home appliances, photovoltaic solar thermal printing field quickly forward; Furthermore, the textile and garment printing, to the green packaging, printing, digital printing and other new to the industrialized areas of expertise for depth expansion, widening screen printing and industrial imaging applications, expanding value-added space. Multi-platform, multi-channel to create a grand coalition large exhibition co-led exhibitors to maximize the effect.

    The exhibition will be the first screen printing and digital printing combined, vigorously develop industrial digital imaging industry market, build year 2013 covers the screen printing, textiles and apparel printing, special manufacturing like, industrial imaging, digital technology, packaging, printing, digital printing industry, industrial Asian heavyweight comprehensive international exhibition, is expected to show an area of 40,000 square meters, more than 800 exhibitors, the audience of 30,000 people.

    Charm Guangdong - China's economy and manufacturing leader

    South China is an important mobile phones, computers, electronics, automotive, advertising, leather, chemical, glass, ceramics, toys, household appliances, packaging and other industries of manufacturing, processing centers, screen printing, pad printing, special printing and emerging digital technology has broad application market.

    Guangdong province's GDP in 2012 reached 5.3004 trillion yuan, is China's most economically developed regions; GDP accounted for 11.6% of global manufacturing center. The province has 300,000 industrial enterprises, with screen printing-related applications industry is quite developed. Guangdong, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao for Southeast Asia, a prime location for economic development is a major advantage.

    Touch screen printing industry's rapid development has become China Precision screen printing, plate making, equipment, equipment manufacturing industry the fastest growing areas. Especially OGS, In-Cell and other emerging touch technology breakthrough to China's 3C industry has brought tremendous impetus. Association will integrate high-quality Precision Screen Printing Equipment manufacturing companies, at the 30th session of the China Screen Printing Exhibition opened exhibition touch screen and touch screen to hold the first annual meeting of the printing industry, showcasing the latest international seminar touch screen printing of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, etc., to promote precision screen printing screen printing on the touch areas of rapid development.

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